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Providing Direction Through All of Life's Crossroads

Investment Planning and Advice

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Financial guidance you didn’t think existed.

Our mission is to provide you with superior value and superlative guidance through all of your life's financial decisions. No matter if its college funding, preparing for retirement, or welcoming a new family member. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through every scenario successfully.

We recognize that finding sufficient investment planning advice can be a challenge. Having money is half the battle and many firms won't even speak with you unless you have accumulated a certain amount of money.  With no amount requirements, we are here to help you construct a plan and set a path to help guide you to reaching your long-term goals no matter how much you have.

Proven, Tested, Experienced

Brian Addis Photo

Brian Addis

Founder, Financial Advisor

First and most importantly is my family. My wife Beth and our 4 children Noah, Bella, Hudson and Sarah are the top of the list. Secondly, I have dedicated over 25 years of my life helping clients navigate through many financial crossroads. My experience includes consulting with auto dealer owners all across North America and providing them solutions for getting better return on their investments. I have worked for national financial firms such as Edwards Jones and automotive retail software giant Reynolds & Reynolds.

In 2016, I decided that the next progression professionally was to open my own practice. I wanted to give my existing clients and prospective investors more choices as well as empower them to make their own decisions by educating and informing them of their investments. All too often investors rely on 3rd parties or huge corporations to know what their goals are and direct them into investments that are not necessarily in the clients best interest. Nobody knows the investor better than the investor. This empowerment and education we provide to the investor is what makes us different and unique. 

In addition to my client work, I have been invited to speak at numerous events. My speaking experience includes everything from being a guest lecturer at various colleges and universities to a keynote speaker for businesses and investment groups. I have educated and entertained audiences that have spanned a wide range of topics including investor psychology, market volatility and behavior to dynamic portfolio construction. 

As my parents taught me early on, "if you treat everyone like you do us, you'll live a wonderful and prosperous life". I believe in this philosophy and look forward to providing you the same treatment. If you have $10,000 or $1,000,000 it doesn’t matter, you should be treated the same. 

If you’re interested in hearing more or having me speak at your next event please reach out.

Proven, Tested, Experienced

Stephen Calvert Photo

Stephen Calvert

Partner, Financial Advisor

After working in various planning and management roles for over 35 years, I strongly believe that honesty, a strong work ethic, and careful planning are the three pillars of success in any career and life in general. 

As a Financial Advisor, these three pillars are absolutely essential along with consistent, repeatable processes that can adapt to the changing needs of my clients throughout their lifetime. When I start working with a new client, I take the time necessary to understand their financial goals (short term, long term, and everything in between) so we can build a realistic plan to meet those goals. Establishing an agreed upon contact frequency is also important to help my clients stay on track and build a strong working relationship. 

A wise person once told me that I should focus on the activities that I can control and have plans to manage through the unexpected. We can’t control what the markets do on a daily basis, when a loved one dies, or when various life events happen - but we can have strategies and plans in place to effectively manage through life’s Crossroads. I look forward to helping you with that.

"There are crossroads in life where choosing the direction to pursue is critical."

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Unique investment plans tailored to you, because no two situations are the same.

When was the last time you got a call to review your financial plan? Or when is the last time you simplified your plan or made adjustments to it?

We believe that in all successful endeavors it’s necessary to have a plan and review it on a regular basis. Our process provides you with regular check-ins so you are in the know and are never left behind. When you work with us, we provide complimentary reviews and transfers in, as well as fee-based fiduciary guidance steering clear from any commission-based products.

Which crossroads are you at?

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College Planning

family planning


retirement planning

Retirement Planning

Our services work best for individuals who are at a crossroads in life. If you are facing major life changes such as preparing for college, a new child, retirement, or are just simply unhappy with your current advisor, we can help. We offer you financial expertise in areas such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, investment trusts, ETFs, IRAs (Traditional & Roth), 401K, 403b, SEP IRAs, Simple IRAs, variable annuities, CDs and municipal bonds.

Relationships Begin. Growth Builds. Loyalty Forever.


Looking for more advice? Attend one of Brian Addis’ upcoming speaking engagements.

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When you come to life’s crossroads, know you have a friend to help you decide which path to take.

Crossroads Investment Planning offers financial planning help in the Dayton, Ohio area. Please fill out the form below to arrange a meeting or speaking engagement. I look forward to guiding through every crossroad in your life.


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